Green Ideas

After offering us hours and hours of a pure and clean fragrance at home, our candle always sadly comes to an end. Now is the time to use your creativity and find some use for your beautiful amber jar. We have plenty of ideas for how you can repurpose them so that you can reduce your waste, help our planet, and take a moment to distract yourself and learn new things.

The first thing you should do is clean the jar completely and remove all the remaining wax inside the jar. There are a couple of different ways to do this. One option is to use a butter knife to loosen all the wax stuck to the glass. You can then use a heat gun to melt the wax and simply wipe it away. Alternatively, you can heat a little bit of water in a small pot and put the jar in it so that the water comes no more than halfway up the jar. This will make it easier to wipe the wax out of it.

After removing the wax from the jar, you then need to remove the candlewick. A small trick is to put hot water in the jar, leave it for a few minutes, dump the water out, and then just peel off the sticker that holds the base of the wick. The hot water helps it to detach it more easily. You can also use a tool or very carefully use your fingers.

After you've removed the wick, all you need to do is wash the jar so it's nice and clean. The advantage of soy wax is that it dissolves with a little bit of soap and water, so it does not matter if there is still a little bit of wax in the container.

Now that your jar is ready to be repurposed, one of the ideas that we like the most is to transform it into a pot for plants.

We recommend that you go to your favorite plant store and ask for the small plants that do not grow very much because the jar is not very wide. One of the best options is to get succulents! They are very beautiful, there is wide a variety of them and they do not need much water. They can also accompany you for many years.


Written by: Nelson Javier

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