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When decorating, many things can come to mind, but the most common question is: where do I start?

Everything will depend on the size of your home, and we advise you to start with small spaces. For example, if you have a cozy room, and it's not very big, you just have to decide which place would be the most optimal for your project. Why start small? Because there will be fewer elements that you must place and less area to paint (if you decide to paint). The idea is to simplify.

Now, once you have chosen where you are going to begin, start looking for images on the Internet. We recommend using the social network Pinterest because it has a lot of infographics and very beautiful and well-made images that will open your mind and inspire you. If you still do not have a defined style, Pinterest can give you access to a variety, with the specific style names. After you have that information, you can make the search easier. Once you decide what design style you want to work with, start saving the images. You can create a Pinterest account and pin images you like to different boards on your profile so you always have them on hand.


Now that you have photos for inspiration, let's get to work. Make a list of the things you see in the photos that you would like to have for your space. Let's say that you decide to start working on your bedroom. Start with things that are easier to change. A set of sheets or a new comforter, for example, could change the appearance of your bed, and we would already start to see small changes. Throw pillows and cushions will always help you have a welcoming atmosphere of comfort. If you have bedside tables, you can buy a lamp so that at night you have a warm light that is most suitable for going to bed; you can read a book and just sink into your pillows.

Do not forget to have scented candles! Apart from being a nice decorative element, their essences will help you maintain harmony and peace of mind. Choose the aroma that you like the most for your room. We recommend fragrances with the scent of the lavender flower, eucalyptus, or peppermint, which have calming properties and can aid in stress relief.

We also recommend wall decor and decorative paintings. These should transmit images of calm and peace. Choose ones that contrast with your walls, and pick accompanying elements that match the colors of your decorations in the rest of the room. For example, if you decided to paint your bedroom white, we recommend using pastel colors in a complementary way. Earth colors and light browns in pieces such as tables, chairs, beds, and lamps are the most suitable.

Placing plants around your home is also beneficial because they clean the air and help give you a connection to nature  the one we sometimes forget. You can never have enough plants in your space; there are so many varieties and they all have different properties. For example, there are plants that will change your disposition to be positive and even help you to prosper. Cricket Stone amber glass jars work great as pots for your plants once you’ve finished burning the candle. There are small plants that you can place on your nightstand, in the bathroom, or simply everywhere you want them to accompany you.

So, you have already changed your sheets, bought new cushions, infused your home with the scent of candles, and brought in plants to receive new energy. Now, you can feel good about yourself and relax in your new space. Breathe.

Written by: Nelson Javier







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